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Default Re: Soul Beach going on - be careful driving

Excessive speed coupled with alcohol are usually the cause. In Aruba use of seatbelts, childseats was not commonplace or enforced until the past couple of years, and still many people do not use them although several campaigns to encourage their use seems to have paid off.

In my opinion alcohol is the biggest culprit, the perception in many people's minds is that its still OK to have a few (or more) and hit the road, especially among young people, but its definitely not limited to just them. Only the few adapt the concept of designated driver or taking a cab instead of driving themselves.

At carnival time and around New Year's one has to be additionally vigilant. Although we can be sober and drive very carefully that won't stop an out of control drunkard crossing lanes and causing an accident, so basically the only way to reduce this type of accident is to have really stiff penalties for DUI and enforce them equally strictly.
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