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Default What to expect when coming to Aruba during festivities and holidays

What a Blast! We went to the Lighting Parade last night. Parked by the bus terminal...all the lights were out in the terminal parking area. Radar always goes off around the terminal, the lack of lighting made it worse. A young girl was parking her truck in front of us, and she commented about the lighting. We talked, and she said the parade will not get to this portion of Oranjestad, until 1AM. She recommended we go to the roundabout by Talk of the Town. Happily, I removed myself, and my wife, from the Terminal and went to the corner where Banco Caribe is. What a great spot. We first walked to Talk of the Town, then back, talking to Police and Locals along the way. I am truly amazed, that so many people can put aside their differences, and Party together. Without incident!

The parade was amazing! I had no idea what to expect. I've done the Grand Parade before. I thought they might light something, perhaps a small fire. No, they lit everything. Not with fire, but with thousands of lights. Including the participants. Everyone had their best Carnival Costumes lit with strands of lights. The floats were all lit...and loud. Charles is absolutely correct, I certainly felt the need to jump in. However, I thought it better, to not interfere.

About an hour or so into the parade, the young lady we saw at the bus terminal, came down the street (with some of her friends) to enter the parade. She made it a point, to walk up to us and say hello. I noticed she was wearing "white with Zebra" (her description). I was able to tell her, that her crew had passed about ten minutes ago, and she, and her friends, ran to catch up. I can tell you a great time was had by all in attendance. I love this place! You could never have a party like that, where I come from. OSHA would not approve the viewing stands, and there is not enough cops. Congratulations to the people of Aruba, for showing us all, just how to get along. Go Carnivale!!

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