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Default Re: What to expect when coming to Aruba during festivities and holidays

After going to (3) Parades this Carnivale Season, I want to mention something, perhaps overlooked. We attented the Lighting Parade in both Oranjestad and San Nicholas, and the Kids Parade in Oranjestad. Note to Charles: Did not make the Juvee (Pajama) Parade, this morning.

I think it imperative, to give greatest regards, to the Aruba Police Department. I have witnessed the work they do during the parade. Crowd control being the primary concern, the APD, provided a great presence along the parade route. I was very impressed, with their willingness to stop, and talk, to Locals and Tourists alike, before the Parade started. Then, keeping a watchful eye, while greeting their friends and supporters along the route, during the parade. Excellent job, by and excellent department. I like to call it cordial crowd control. Polite, but firm, with an emphasis on staying approachable to anyone. I appreciate their efforts and applaud the work I have witnessed. They are to be commended...all of them!
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