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Default Re: What to expect when coming to Aruba during festivities and holidays

Hey amigo, you can have a PAJAMA PARTY when you get home and call it even.

I am so very impressed at you taking the time to write this unselfish note about our police. they are humans like all of us and deserve the recognition that comes with their hard work.

One thing many people don't think of is the following:

I was talking to a policeman some months ago and in the conversation Carnival came up. I asked him where he would be and he said that he has been on the force for close to 15 years and has not seen a single carnival in those years of service. I asked why and he said

"Carnival is the busiest work time of the year for me."

That sums it up

be well
Originally Posted by coconut View Post
After going to (3) Parades this Carnivale Season, I want to mention something, perhaps overlooked. We attented the Lighting Parade in both Oranjestad and San Nicholas, and the Kids Parade in Oranjestad. Note to Charles: Did not make the Juvee (Pajama) Parade, this morning.

I think it imperative, to give greatest regards, to the Aruba Police Department. I have witnessed the work they do during the parade. Crowd control being the primary concern, the APD, provided a great presence along the parade route. I was very impressed, with their willingness to stop, and talk, to Locals and Tourists alike, before the Parade started. Then, keeping a watchful eye, while greeting their friends and supporters along the route, during the parade. Excellent job, by and excellent department. I like to call it cordial crowd control. Polite, but firm, with an emphasis on staying approachable to anyone. I appreciate their efforts and applaud the work I have witnessed. They are to be commended...all of them!
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