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Default Re: Home swaps: a good idea?

Hi fromspain,

Home swapping is a sensitive business and people want to be sure that the person saying they own the property is actually the owner. In Aruba a notary will confirm whether the property is actually owned by the owner and free from any embargoes or other possible issues that would prevent a transfer to a new owner. How does that work in Spain?

What information would you provide to potential buyers so that they can be confident that you are the legitimate owner? For example:
  • What is the current market value of your property?
  • What is the physical address of the property?
  • Is the phone number on your website answered by a person (yourself) or is it an answering machine or fax?
  • Do you also do home swaps for rentals or just for sales? What are the terms and payment methods?
Some tips for buyers would be:

  1. Ask for full street address of the property and the telephone number at the property itself. Don't accept mobile phone numbers as the only phone number. Check with the telephone company that the address matches the phone number.
  2. Always talk to the owner or property manager. A simple phone conversation can often give you the feeling if something amiss. If the owner calls you first, make sure that you are able to call them back at the phone number that they provide to you.
  3. Ask for any other proof such as telephone bills or utility bills with the address clearly visible on each bill.
  4. Ask if you or someone who represents you can see the property before making any commitments.
  5. If a decision is made to buy, never send any funds directly, always use an escrow account or service via a legal route.
One always has to be careful when dealing with these things. Very often things are legitimate but every now and then there are scams out there too!
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