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Smile Re: Home swaps: a good idea?

Originally Posted by mark View Post
Hi fromspain,

  • What is the current market value of your property?
  • What is the physical address of the property?
  • Is the phone number on your website answered by a person (yourself) or is it an answering machine or fax?
  • Do you also do home swaps for rentals or just for sales? What are the terms and payment methods?
As for this, let me answer:

The value of the property is around 300 000 euros. Having that said, when it comes to house swap, that is not the most relevant issue. I explain myself, if I find a house in Aruba that is below that amount in market value but pleases me and fits into what I am looking for I'll make the swap, so in the end, for me what counts is that I find what I look and need.
The same way I may find a house that is way above that value in the market yet in my opinion and likes it is not "that valuable", in that case trasaction will never take place.
See my point? Same works for the other part.

Phisical address of property will be given to the interested party together with coordenates to check it in Google Maps and a copy of the property papers if required. I will not give that info in a public forum for obvious reasons.

The phone in the website is answered by myself and it is actually a fixed phone, not a mobile, so it is the phone whose contract has the beach condo address and no other.

I am just selling or swapping, not renting.
The payment method will be dealt with the buyer/swapper and also with our respective banks. In Spain, what it is usually done is to give a valid check from the buyer's bank (you will not take a bag full of money to the notary) and it is not you as buyer who gives the check (eventhough you are the one actually paying) but the very bank representat that attends the act of purchase , the notary checks it and registers it and then the check is given to the person who should receive it. Every single act is registered and witness by those who attend the purchasing trasaction, including the notary.

Any more question that would be helpful for everyone?

Speaking of scams, are there any specific scams carried out in Aruba concerning property of which you have heard about? I'd certainly would love to know, just for precaution

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