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One Happy Island Re: The snorkle man is back in Aruba for awhile

My 7 weeks are winding down and I have to say this was more rain this time than I ever remember. The grass and trees are all green along the roads. We probably only had 3 half days in 7 weeks of a wash out. Other than that alot of early morning rains. I did the most snorkling this trip that I have ever done and I got to meet alot of people on these boards and got to take them snorkling. I really like when I can put a face with a name. I start going snorkling at night and it was another adventure. You see all the creatures that aren't out during the days. I only take the really hard core snorklers at night because you really need to be a comfortable and good snorkler. I stayed at Club Arias this trip since its close to my snorkling. Its a bed and breakfast in Saveneta. Its a small place but very clean and nice. Alot of people stay for a few days to extend their timeshare week. I ate at Zeerovers a few times and I really like it there. My wife doesn't like it because its kinda rough and smells like fish because the locals are bringing in their caught and the shrimp is head on so I wait till she leaves and then I go there and LOVE it. I had great service from Hans at Tropical car again like always. Did alot more cooking in this time since I love to grill and cook out. Had alot of friends visit in the 7 weeks so the time really flew by. Looks like I will have to start counting down the days till the end of June when I will return for 6 weeks. Bugs were more of a problem with all the rains. Aruba is still my home away from home and I am looking forward to my 24th trip this summer. Kent Gerber

29th trip Nov 4th for 5 months!!
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