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Originally Posted by ruba4ever View Post
Yea.....I will see you in Sept/Oct. Hopefully will bring the group again. Good luck with the opening Ommi....I know it will be great.
Thank you Ruba. Looking forward to see you in Sept/Oct. The official opening will be in April, sooner than what we first planned. So, for these few eeks is the soft opening. The exact day in April is not confirmed yet but we know it'll be in the first two weeks of April.
Once we are done with the ground floor we have to reset and redecorate the second floor before May, since we already have various reservations for May on the second floor. The ground floor has drawn a lot of attention from people, and many were curious enough to stop and come inside to take a look. It'll be nice to be sitting inside while you can see the traffic go by through the large bay windows in the dining area.
The restaurant looks very elegant but yet its a casual place. While sitting at the bar or in the lounge you can see the chefs at work through large glass windows behind the bar. In addition you can see the elevator go up or down through its glass cabin behind the bar. A blue light inside the elevator cabin will go on eveytime the elevator goes up or comes down. Small details that took their time to finish. But it's looking great now.
The cuisine is even better now white the expanded kitchen. A lot of focus has been made to perfect our cuisine and I am convinced that you will like it a lot. When we officially open there will new items like Black Cod, Dover Sole and Albalone on the menu as well.
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