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Default Re: kid's activities?

Dear Mr. Paris,

Just read your post and not sure what you are talking about?
When was this post made that you are referring to? We have no record of such a post or that it was removed.

Please note that this forum has clear rules and regulations and is very strict about advertising. I see that you are relatively new to the board and would like to recommend for you to read the rules and regulations of the forum which can be found here: Rules & Regulations - Aruba Forums at Visit Aruba

Furthermore, from your IP address, on every single post you have made to date, it is apparent you are using, and as such you are clearly located in Aruba, whereas your profile and posts suggest you have only visited Aruba more than 3 times and states the following: "My trips to Aruba always have been great. So great that now I travel with the family and in the future with my grand kids"

So it is quite unfair and even ironic for you to use the words trustworthiness, genuine and foremost honest, when you yourself do not seem to be straight forward about yourself or your intentions as most of your posts seem to be about plugging tcbaruba babysitting services while passing yourself off as a tourist.

We welcome and encourage users to be helpful to other users, but are very strict about our rules and regulations in order to keep the forum informative, fair, honest and free of blatant advertising.

In the meantime all the offensive posts will be removed and if you want to be part of our community we urge you to adhere to the rules and regulations of the forum.

Should you have any questions about this, you can always send me a PM (private message) through the forum.



Originally Posted by reynoldparisjr View Post
Dear turcomar,

Sorry for not getting back to you with more info.
I was hospitalized after a serious car accident cause by a drunk driver.
I was almost 2 months away but I'm back.
Sadly to see and very disappointing that this site or moderator only allows information that they like or favors. I posted a very good commendation and it was removed. How sad is that which only worries me about the impartiality and accuracy not to mention the trustworthiness information that that this so called site displays.

I'm very sorry that I could not manage a laptop for a while since both my arms were seriously injured.
Now being this my last post I wanted to tell you that Aruba is the best place to go on vacation yet if you want truthful and honest information better ask locals or check the yellow pages since most services you get that way you can always return to the source.

But using this site well think again.
Everything is business and only business not accuracy and serious dedication to make sure that the information displayed is genuine and foremost honest.

Should you have any other questions maybe I can help you with please let me know. I will gladly reply but not using this site since it's shown not to have any kind of respect to what you take the time to post and honestly have to say to other regular visiting or first time guest that comes to Aruba.

Best regards and best of luck.


Reynold Paris Jr.

Aruba native - webmaster - business owner, wife, mother of 2, way overwhelmed, but always fun!
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