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I Love Aruba Re: Fishing?

Check this thread out, rooster. I remember when there was a "snook" conversation going on!

Click here: Fishing for Snook - Aruba Forums at Visit Aruba

Originally Posted by rooster View Post
I will be visiting Aruba for the first time during early May, and Iím an avid fisherman. Iíve been doing a lot of research on fishing the Island, but Iím always looking for more information.

I plan to arm myself with a spinning rod, some spoons, jigs, and Redfish Magic spinners. Not really sure on the size/color of the lures? Iím primarily interested in snook, and love fishing topwater (but, Iíve read that topwater lures are not the most effective in Aruba). All of my fishing will be done early in the morning as my wife has plans for the remainder of the day/night.

Iím considering bringing an inflatable kayak to reach deeper water, and maybe the Spanish Lagoon. Do you think that it is worthwhile to bring the kayak? It is a hassle, but if it is going to improve my chances for fish, I will get it on the plane!

Any suggestions on lures or locations for Snook (anything really) would be greatly appreciated.

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