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Default Re: Kiosk at Aruba airport?

Not that it should be a preoccupying thing, however if you think about it, many of the shops and Kiosks continue to re-shuffle and change locations. I asked one of the kiosk (store) owners about this and the answer was quite simple actually.

There seems to be a general design (rule of thumb) that most international airports use to set up their tenants lists, their locations and the rent to be charged. When this is done to a smaller airport, it does not always work out and the "shuffle" starts. If the construction or re-modeling of an airport is lengthy, then it further confuses things because many temporary measures are taken and they then become void when the airport is opened fully. This is not that bad in heavily traveled airports, however plays havoc with destination airports where the travelers may visit once a year and is confronted with these changes.

That (in general) is the response I got.

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