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I Love Aruba Re: Just got back on May 22nd

Everything is relocated now. The French market is replaced by a deli located where the old lobby was. You can buy ice cream and sandwiches and salads there but no food items to take to your room. Sometimes I ask for chicken salad and egg salad and they respond by getting some into the deli cases the next day.

The new souvenir store off the new lobby is much bigger than the old one (which was replaced by the jewelry store).

The new gift shop has very few food items. That whole food store section with the canned goods and drinks beside the French Market is gone. When I asked if a food store was going in where the old gift shop was, I was told that it would be a food store, but now it's a jewelry store. What a waste of that space. I guess Divi is getting a good rent for it. I can't imagine it surviving.
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