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I've been to Curacao 4 times and like it alot. The vibe is more European/Caribbean as mentioned above. Whereas Aruba has become very Americanized, Curacao has not. Their is far more existing historical buildings in Curacao and I enjoyed visting alot of them. The oldest synagogue is the Western Hemisphere is there complete with beautiful work work and original sand floors, very stunning. The historical museum is great. Went on a few tours of Landhuis's (plantation homes) and those very very interesting. The swing bridge (Queen Emma Bridge) separating the 2 halves of downtown (Otrabanda & Punda) is interesting to see swing open to let the large boats and cruise ships come into the harbor. Shopping is very good there. Christoffel National Park has ALOT of natue and wildlife in it. There are 6 or 7 really good art galleries with original works to buy, most notably Kas Di Alma Blou (House of the Blue Heart).

Restaurants, very European and good. Not as good as Aruba, but as Charles mentioned that is changing with their new attention to tourism.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is very good there and we found tons of secluded beaches to spend the day on all over the island.

I saw go at least once, but if your not adventoureous or don't like places like "home" then you might not like it. Personally I like it's vibe very much !
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