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Default Re: Magic show at westin

Junior and I were at (CLIFFIX) the local and only instrument store because he wants a drum set. OMDB (overmydeadbody) and he starts up the conversation with Adam who then feels obligated to do a magic trick ""Magicians morals"". It was cute and Jr liked (not loved) it. Then Adam says, "Junior ask your dad to bring you to the show- I cut a lady in half and put her back together" BINGO I had to make reservations. A pity about the girl being cut in half, she is drop dead beautiful. The other girl in the show is equally as stunning. (Where did my youth go????) Junior invited a few of his friends to go see it next week. Hopefully the economy will change by then. Adam is a very affable sort of a guy on stage. He definately does not take himself seriously and maybe that is what I like about his show. It is kind of a "Here it is like it or leave it". I agree with the attitude.

be well

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Funny story.... years ago Adam was passing out flyers on the beach as he does every year, and we started talking. Turns out that his brother's married to my girlfriend's sister! I remember years ago her telling me that there was a magician in the family. Really is a small world!!
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