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Default Re: Smart time to rent


I'm laughing as I read your post because you are waaayy to liberal with your vacation time. When I'm on vacation (regardless of where), I always tell myself I'm gonna check my voice mail once a day but many days I just say "screw it" (oops! am I allowed to say that on the board?). Never had a problem with any clients.

We live in NJ and went to Tahoe for a week in July and Michigan for a week in August. Checked my voice mail a total of about 5 times during those 2 weeks, and both trips were within the US!!

We took your advice and got an Aruban SIM card for our global phone when we were there with the intention of using it if our son at home needed something. The plan was for him to call me on my regular cell, I would see it's him and call him back on the global phone. No catastrophes at home, so I used it once to check voice mail at the office.
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