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Default Re: Constantly counting

oh charles. i can't imagine saying it any more eloquent that what you have written.
'to feel" says so much. every day when i am there, it is such a wonder to open my eyes and go to the balcony and look out, listen, smell and...... coffee in hand, head quietly and contently for the beach for an hour or so to collect broken shells, chunks of anything. most of the stuff the majority of folks would not give a second look. but the broken shell was once whole, so the little piece that i pick up because it caught my eye, is pretty to me. and for whatever inane reason, i have to splash the water on my face and taste the sea. and it is confirmation that i am in my happy place. i too count the months and days like so many people who come here. it seems you have a true pure feel for this place, and yourself. good for you!!!
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