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Default Re: early bird or cheap eats?

Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell?
I think the most restaurants ask reasonable prices for the food. Mostly the drinks make it expensive.
I visit the Island two times a year. 2 weeks every visit. Most of the time we go for the fast food, No Mc of wendy’s, but Subways and the little local kiosk. After scuba we always go to “De Zeerovers”. And while we are there, we order the fresh fish. Really cheap and so great.
Every 3 days to we try to visit a place like Marandi, Yemanja, Texas, Iguana or something like that.
There are so many great restaurants on this little island. All worth the visit.
I think you will find enough great restaurants while you are there. Just compare. We also do, no restaurants, we compare cocktails..
Whether you want a romantic, active, family, or adventurous vacation, in Aruba you can have it all.
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