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Old Saturday, October 8th, 2011, 12:35 AM
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Default Weather??

I'm only checking in once in a while these days but i'm really quite alarmed at the amount of concern paid to the pending weather in our Aruba..really?

1. We are practically guaranteed what the temp will be 24/7 365 days a year anyway. Guess w hat..its gonna be 82 when the sun is out and 69+ at sunset..there ya go. I'm your weather man. If it rains or sprinkles jump in the pool!!! By the time your head reaches the surface it may be sunny again.

2. If its what I an umbrella. It should stop raining almost immediately.

3. If you wanna save a Tiki hut or Palapa area,,just drape something that may be worn by the Morton Salt Girl or Captain Ahab over a's yours for the day.

4. If you get to the beach a little late..hungover and the beach is crowded? Wait for a cloud to show up and start dancing and singing incoherently as if you crave rain..yes your own rain dance. That spot will soon be yours..

But the weather is always great. (it's our secret) shhhhh

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