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Default Re: Weather??

Sir, you should have been there last Friday, at least in the airport area. It must have dumped 3-4 inches between noon and 1:30. It was coming down so hard the cabs were backing up to the doors at departure. The pathway from there to the next building was a solid 2" deep. Once we made it the main terminal I thought we were in the clear, only to find that the section between the duty free and where you reclaim your bags was impassable. The water was pouring down the stairway on the right and flooding that hallway, must have been 4" in that area and the staff armed with brooms, squeegees and cardboard were no match for the tsunami LOL.

It finally let up enough where they could lay down a single path of cardboard, to help with the slickness, and let a single file path get through.

No lightning/thunder just a major deluge, I've never seen it come down like that before. The roads outside and inside the airport were flowing rivers. Good times watching the insanity.

It was probably sunny and dry at Eagle and Palm beach.
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