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Default Re: Divi Phoenix Aruba

Originally Posted by dfranklin View Post
Relativelly speaking, the beach is not nearly as crowded as most other places (late Feb, early March). We were always able to find shade, be it under a palapas or umbrella.

At the PlayaLinda, there were people out there at 3 or 4 in the morning waiting for palapas. If you weren't out the before 7, you were lucky to find one ... and while there were lounges, there were never chairs available (they were hoarded by a few). At the Marriott, you have to rent them. At the Weston, if you were lucky enough to get a palapas, there wasn't room to lie next to it in the sun or you'd be under your neighbor's palapas. It is shoulder to shoulder.

While my own private island would be nice, that's not likely to happen. Until then, I'm happy with the Phoenix as it's the best I've found in Aruba.
Our experiences are vastly different since we've been Divi timeshare owners since 1991. We bought pre construction @ Divi Village prior to Divi taking over what is now Divi Aruba Phoenix.

However, we're in complete agreement that the Phoenix is the best Aruba has to offer!

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