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Default Re: Divi Phoenix Aruba

Best Aruba has to offer- no question about it! And I'm there in January for 2 problems with chickies or the beach. Love the ambiance of the new bar, Pure Beach, the new pools, the new towel hut, and the fact that you can get away from the busy area by walking around the corner to the villa pool area if you want. Also, I rent out the entire month of February by the week (I own 6 weeks) and they go like hotcakes! Those weeks are usually rented in April and May for the asking prices. So if you're thinking of buying a few weeks and want to rent- it's no problem as long as you are responsive to the renters.

Absolutely love the place (and management has been responsive to my suggestions and a few minor complaints). Did you know that you can use the other DIVI properties as well... and that's a bonus. 7 weeks and I'll be there...can't wait.
John L
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