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Default Re: Another beach question!

We returned on November 26th after two weeks at the Phoenix. The weather was very good for this time of year with the expected occasional brief showers. We went to the beach each day between 9 & 10am and experienced no problems finding available palapas. Divi has added a number of new palapas beyond the colored Adirondack chairs near the bistro, most of which were open most of the time. The beach in that area is not good for swimming and we saw very few people using it. The washed out concrete walkway in front of the new buildings has been replaced with a wooden boardwalk but repairs are still needed in front of the adjacent public park on the way towards the police station. The police station has been cleaned up, painted and is currently staffed. While we have never experienced any problems with the facility staff, they seemed particularly attentive and courteous this year. Divi has also built a landing for boats off the jetty with a concrete walkway leading to it. Boat traffic is very light and has virtually no impact on the guests. We were told that one of the issues Divi is working on is finding a way to minimize beach erosion in the future. Rumor has it the Bistro is going to be completely renovated with a completion date of next summer and the old lobby area is being converted for use by maintenance personnel. The repairs to the elevators in the tower have been completed and both elevators were working throughout our stay.
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