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Default Re: Lost my digital camera

Sorry to hear this. I'd suggest sending this also to the Aruba newspapers so that they can perhaps publish it. If you like we can do that for you from here, we have contacts of the newspapers. Maybe it will help get it back! Happened to me once, lost camera with trip pics in it, and the pics are what you miss most. Camera can be replaced, those can't. Lets see what we can do. Do you know the model number, that would also help to be more specific. Do you also know the number of the cab you used?

Originally Posted by cbishop View Post

I recently lost my digital camera in the high rise hotel area on Jan. 2nd. I think I might have left it at the Italian Pizzaria or in some random TAXI as it probably fell out of my pocket on the cab ride home to the Ruby 89 house that I rented.

The camera was a canon power shot (grey) with a blue draw string attached to it for carrying so I can identify it. It has a TON of personal pics that I would love to get back from my trip since I lost it on my last night in Aruba.

Any help in getting it back would be AWESOME.


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