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Default Re: early bird or cheap eats?

We've eaten so many places the last 3 weeks. Peanuts the last 2 nights. Treated the neighbors for all their help Saturday and the bill was $78 with 4 entrees and 4 drinks. Last night Karen and I both had a bowl os soup and a fish entree for $37. Zeerovers has been mentioned before, and while my son was here 4 of us ate for $42. The Early Bird at Rembrandts isn't bad.
Since we start renting the house 4 years ago we've eaten at so many good Restaurants it's hard to name a favorite. Amazing in San Nichlos was 1 but is no longer, No doubt a victim of location.
Where is The Kitchen located? We're on our last week and would like to give it a try Before we try to locate the kitchen in the house.
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