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Default Re: RIU Aruba week 21 NEEDED for 2012!!

Originally Posted by PecnikCE View Post
Thanks so very very much, your wealth of knowledge has taken all of my anxiety away. I will give her a call, I am a google queen and will be able to track her down!

I am glad I did not try and call the RIU.

As for that rental. I wish!! That one rented a few months back. This guy is offering his for $1,250 for the week and I can arrive Thursday, which is great because the rehearsal dinner is Friday night. I wish I could hold out for a lower rate, but I just can't risk the chance of another one not coming on the market.

Thanks again, you are awesome!

I dont know about the thursday thing you are saying as Timeshare Check-in day is Friday to Friday.

I do know the first site i gave you is ALL run by an RPC Owner(might give you a little more peace of mind).
Riu Palace Aruba Week 21 in 2013 for Rent in a 1 Bedroom

Also you really MUST do the all-inclusive option, that is what the Riu is all about.
GREAT food,GREAT service.

If you call the Riu they will direct your call to Karina at the Timeshare desk.

Here is the Contact information...
Riu Palace Aruba Contact information offers up to date phone and fax numbers for the resort.
Email Contact: Ruella
Riu Palace Aruba Direct: 011-297-586-3900
Fax: 011-297-586-1941
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