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Originally Posted by classiclincoln View Post
"Is a Jeep really required, or will a regular car do?"

If all you want to do is drive around the city, then no. If you want to drive on the north side of the island to really see the island and maybe have a picnic on the water, then yes. We always rent the jeep because we like having the flexibility.

"do we have to reserve a rental car in advance, or can we just rent one when we get there?

November is not the busy season, but it's probably best to make the reservation in advance. Also, get the Visit Aruba card; you'll save $$ on the rental, food and shopping. Well worth the money.

"what is the price of gasoline there."

Gas on all the islands (and Europe and the rest of the world except maybe the middle east) is more expensive than here in the US. According to Aruba Gasoline Prices , it's $5.29/gal.
Thanks for the reply, and all the advice and information.
We've already bought the Visit Aruba card and plan on using it a lot.
Sounds like gas prices are a bit cheaper in Aruba than they are here in Canada. It works out to about $5.90 a gallon here!!

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