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Default Re: Divi Phoenix Aruba

Thank you so much for the warm welcome explorer! I owned (and still do actually) several weeks of timeshare at PlayaLinda for >20 years so yes, I do find it strange that an owner at a resort would publicly "bash" their own investment. I'm quite certain we made a great choice in making the move to the Phoenix. We really enjoyed our "previous home away from home" on Palm Beach but found ourselves drawn to and enjoying all the Phoenix had to offer on our last visit. We even spent a night in our new unit after we purchased on our visit last year and absolutely loved it!

I'm no longer surprised that the Divi Phoenix area of the board is so quiet when the most frequent visitor is very negative to his own investment and makes new members feel like they made a poor investment (someone does definitely need an attitude adjustment and may require a mirror). I believe a BB directly associated to and with the cooperation of the property works best and my husband & I would be happy to put in the legwork and IT experience to make that happen. We'll explore that possibility when we enjoy our first stay in our new home at the Phoenix.

Have a wonderful stay when you return next week! I do love the mojitos at the pool bar and wish we were there to treat you to one!!
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