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I Love Aruba Re: The Countdown's Begun

Originally Posted by WinnipegGlenn View Post
Hi Elaine, Donnie, and everyone else,

Thank you Elaine and Donnie for the warm welcome. I look forward to being part of the forum; to making new friends, and listening and talking about Aruba.

Here's a bit of background, just to give some context. I'm a 60 y.o. accountant here in Winnipeg, Canada. My wife and I (married for 27 years.) have two favourite vacation places. We go to Maui for 4 weeks in May (right after my busy season) and we go to Aruba, usually in January but this year in October.

I've been going to Aruba since 1980. When I first went, my travel agent looked at me with a blank, vacant stare. He had no idea where I was asking him to send me. Remember the old Eastern Airlines. Back then they were the only American carrier into Aruba. (Definitely no Canadian airlines into Aruba then)

Anyway Donnie asked me about where I've stayed. My 1980 trip was spent at Manchebo Beach. Subsequent trips were spent at Talk of the Town, Amsterdam Manor and the last 5 or 6 times, we've stayed at The Mill.

This coming October, we will be staying at a very small hotel in Malmok called Aruba Sunset Beach Studios. I think it only has 15 - 20 units. We are really looking forward to it.

I'll be starting a thread, which I think might be fun. Elaine, I'll leave it for you to see which category it should go into and make sure it's in good taste.

I'll close this post here. Again, thanks for the warm welcome. More later.

Bye for now.

We all look forward to your thread, Glenn.

I'm sure it will be in good taste, and that the "powers that be" of this board will have no problem with whatever category you choose to put it in. I'm actually no longer a "power," and haven't been for a couple years.. I'm a poster just like you, and an Arubaholic like all of us.
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