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I Love Aruba Re: I am technologically impaired!

donnie... obviously, you need to be online to use Skype. You can buy a wifi card at the airport at the Setar kiosk for $35 a week. You rub off the number, and each time you go online, enter the number, and you're good to go. I'm not sure if the Tam sells the card.. ABC does.

This past February I used MIO, and it was wonderful.. no problems like I've had with Setar.

Originally Posted by donnie View Post
So for those that would know, is there anything special that I would need to do to use Skype from my laptop at the Tamarijn in Aruba?

Also, my daughter Taylor wants to use wifi so she can upload pix to instagram, do I just rent the wifi cards at the Tam?

Thanks for any responses.
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