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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Originally Posted by tgautreaux View Post
Hey guys, this is my first post. My wife and I stumbled on this forum while doing some general research on Aruba. We are actually leaving tomorrow morning. We will be on that 10:00 am Delta flight out of Atlanta. If anyone else is going to be flying with us, say hi if you see me!

This will be our first trip to Aruba. We are just going down for 4 nights. We are leaving our kids at home with my folks, and plan to just lounge on the beach and explore for a few days. We will be staying at the Divi All Inclusive (which I understand has mixed reviews, but it was cheap). We are seasoned island travelers, but if you guys have any suggestions or advice, bring it on.

Anyway, my name's Tom, and my wife's name is Haley. This seems like a great community. I've learned a lot reading the information posted on this board.

Welcome to the board...we are like one big happy family here! you will have a wonderful time on Aruba! The weather forecast as Donnie stated always forcasts bad weather. But it always turns out to be the opposite. Don't get me wrong there have been rainy days. But they last a few minutes and then the sun comes out again!
Aruba, no other place like it!

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