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I Love Aruba Re: I am technologically impaired!

Originally Posted by captmorgnsgrl View Post
Elaine, how much is it and where is a MIO store?
Suzie... it's pro-rated for the amount of time you use it. It cost me $66.00 for a month which included activation. When I go next February, there is no re-activation fee, and it should be somewhere around $40+ for the month.... a lot cheaper than the WiFi card.

It's really not far from the airport, and actually pretty much on the back road to the low/high rise areas.

I'll try and get you the exact directions which are somewhere on the ABC FB page or maybe Liz of NJ will see this post, and post them.

The MIO store moved, but only up the block from where they were. I went on a Saturday... the day I arrived, somewhere around 2, and waited in line for almost 2 hours, and it was mostly locals in there. Supposedly, in the new store, they have a more efficient way of servicing..

The good thing is that I won't have to go again... lol I also picked up devices for Mary and another friend whose husband had no problems hooking up both their service.
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