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I Love Aruba Re: I am technologically impaired!

Liz.... these are the directions we followed out of the airport. The store, I believe, has moved up the street so I'm not exactly sure where it is now, but close to where it was before.

Easy directions from airport.

After exiting airport you will see a new roundabout. go around to 12o'clock (3 o'clock would take you to Sa Nicolas.9 o'clock would take you to town

... follow the back road to the next roundabout (about 1/4 mile) and again go 12 o'clock

Continue until you get to a dead end (about a 1/2 mile)and make a left.

follow to next roundabout about 1/4 mile and
again go 12 o;'clock. You will see a small strip center on the left in about another 1/4 mile

Mio is in the center of that strip.
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