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I Love Aruba Re: I am technologically impaired!

Suzie... when you return to Aruba with your MIO, there is no reactivation fee. You'll only pay the pro rated amount for as long as you're using it. I'm not sure what plans they have, and if they have one for less than 30 days.

As to your cell, you just pay for a new Sim card with a new number, and pick whatever amount of minutes you want. It's no where near $75.

I bought an Aruban cell this past year since my old one died, and bought it from Setar. I was very surprised to read that the minutes were only good for 45 days... I had a lot of minutes left over since I topped off twice.

Originally Posted by captmorgnsgrl View Post
Well I will be there for two weeks, so I think it would be worth it to purchase the MIO. Especially as the wifi at the ABC is $35.00 per week. I would save some and be able to bring it back and only pay a reactivation fee. I do have a friend at the ABC who stays the following week, she may be interested in using it once I leave. She can just send it back to me.

I also have my cell phone I need to get reactivated, since it has been two years, I will have to get a new number which is probably still $75.00 if it hasn't gone up? and then pay for minutes. I was seriously thinking about using magic jack? I know there was a post about someone using it. Has anyone tried it? Or have any other suggestions?
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