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Default Re: Airfare from newark

Originally Posted by Jerseygirl View Post
So, we're finally getting back to Aruba this year YAY! Not too happy with Interval, have my request in since JULY of 2012 for my 2nd week since one week is more stress than it's worth for me, but as of today, they STILL don't have anything... *If I knew then what I know now... ANYWAY---I am in airfare mode and I am wondering if anyone knows if JET BLUE flys out of NEWARK?? I know they fly out of JFK, but to be honest, we did that once, to save some money, and it was just not even worth the hassle... I very much dislike JFK airport... And the lines were absolutely ridiculous... I don't think you can fly from EWR to AUA on Jet Blue, but I saw some posts somewhere that made me think maybe they finally got on board. Anyone???
I would love if Jet Blue flew out of EWR but sadly they don't.
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