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I Love Aruba Re: The Countdown's Begun

Hi Dan... I leave the island on Friday, February 28th, and Mary leaves Saturday, March 1st.

ABC is a Saturday to Saturday timeshare, and you're arriving on a Thursday which would be the end of week 8. Your weeks would be 2 days of week 8, week 9 and part of week 10.

I'll send you Kandy's list which may help you find something. She has the rentals for ABC and CDM, too. Maybe you want to consider the Ambassador which is part of CDM, and across the little street. They're all one bedrooms with a pullout couch in the living room or a one bedroom at ABC which I think you stayed in one year.

It'll be nice to see you all again.

Originally Posted by BigPapa View Post
Donnie...are ya packed
Elaine...Talked George into Feb 27th. 2014 for 2 weeks...Told her I couldn't go any longer with out giving you and Mary a BigPapa Hug

What's my chances of getting a place at ABC then....Kinda like to be in the action.
Don't even know where to look....Figured you guys would be my first stop.

By the way....Daniel and Adam are coming with us.
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