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Smile Re: The Countdown's Begun

Originally Posted by ruba4ever View Post
Welcome back Marie!! So glad your trip was everything you wanted and more.

As for Old Man and the Sea.....we won't be returning there any time soon. Not that it isn't beautiful and all...and the food was good....but.....the night we went (it will be two years ago when we return this year) there was no wind. It was just at sunset and the bugs were biting. My hubby got bit so bad that I thought we were taking him to the hospital. Between the bites and the stifling heat that night, he was so miserable it was scary. He looked pale and sweaty. They brought us a fan to help with the heat and the bugs too. They did tell us that right at that time is when the bugs bite the most....and with no wind to take them was terrible. It sure did put a damper on our evening. Thank goodness he was okay by the end of dinner (which by that time he wasn't very hungry). He still has the scars on his legs to remember that evening..... But I am glad you had a great experience. I would give it another go....but I guess if I had suffered through that I wouldn't.

Now you can start your next countdown....
Ruba 4ever:

I'm so sorry to hear of your prior experience at Old Man and the Sea with the bugs biting and lack of wind, but I guess there is always a chance that could happen. I found if there is a storm brewing in the Caribbean that sucks the wind right out of Aruba and it could be miserable and then, the biting bugs. Also we were under a tent and "on a deck platform" which might have helped, but there was a nice breeze that night. But after an experience like that I don't blame anymore of not wanting to go back - or bring some bug spray!

See your count down is getting close! Good for you!


Relaxation on One Happy Island!
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