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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Elaine...we are down to 7 now.....the push is on!!

I am feeling much better now...I will pm you later about that.

Stephannie.....welcome to the board, and congratulations on your first trip to Aruba. You will love it. are in luck.
I will be there during your time frame and.....staying at the Ocean Club! What time do you arrive on the 28th? Depending on that, when you arrive and should you make it to happy hour at the pool, look for me and come and introduce yourself. I will be celebrating my birthday that I will be the woman in the pool with a Slippery Monkey in hand and purple cherry to be exact. Please come and say will be great to have a fellow Visit Aruba member in the house!!! You will love it there. If you don't make it in early enough for that...we will see you somewhere I'm sure. The next day on the beach.... we float and chat the days will meet lots of wonderful people.
See you soon!!!!!!

Only happy people allowed!

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