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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

That is my actual birthday day...

As far as the request for a certain floor or room....being it is a timeshare, owners' requests are honored first. You don't say if you are an owner, or renting from an owner. That being said, hopefully you will luck out on your first trip and get an awesome room. You won't get oceanfront...unless the owner you rented from owns that. I really can't say that there are any bad rooms....comfy beds (wish I had one at home) clean and spacious. Again, I don't know if you are renting a one bedroom or just a lock off. I could give you more info if I knew that....but either way you should be pleased. In a one bedroom you will have a full kitchen and living room ..... a lock off is a tad smaller....small fridge and coffee maker and toaster. And a sitting area...nice bathrooms in either. We have been going since that should tell you how much we it there!! Can't wait to get back. Have a great trip....see you there.

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