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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Hi all,

Back safe and sound....almost three weeks I am really missing the island this time around. Had a wonderful time...great weather, great food, and above all else, spent time with awesome Aruba friends (vacation family). It was 17 days that will be long remembered....and cherished. was great seeing you...not once but twice! I hope you had better luck at the casinos than we did. We really gave up gambling too much cause we had such lousy luck this time.

We went to several new places this time....Windows on Aruba for our anniversary dinner....beautiful place and the meal was wonderful. Taste of Belgium at the Mall. Had a nice visit with Lillian and her sweet baby girl Gabrielle. Just had salad and drinks, but they were both very good. Simply Fish.....after 14 years staying at the Marriott properties, we finally went to the restaurant on the beach. Of course that would be the only time we encountered So funny we all thought it would be one of those passing decided to be a good little downpour of about 15 minutes. But the wait staff was great....they literally picked our table and all its contents and moved us under roof. Barely missed a beat in our dinner. As this is a restaurant of fish, as is stated in its name, the steak was good but not as good as some other places we go. But the company and the surroundings...although a bit wet....was wonderful. We also went to Amuse Bistro with friends that we had been trying to get out with for about 3 years now. Very enjoyable meal and great company. It is a very contemporary menu there....and if you are not an adventurous diner...this may not be the place you want to go. But we did enjoy our meal very much.

Donnie...we are already working on next years trip. We are also going to Italy next we aren't sure how many days we will be staying in Aruba. We're thinking 10 right now....I am holding out hope for a full 14 , but I can't be greedy, as the Italy trip is a dream come true for me. 10 days is better than no days...and I will take them.

Hope everyone is well.......and glad to be back.

Only happy people allowed!

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