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Thumbs down Re: How is the re-done Sunset Beach Bistro?

The renovations to the restaurant came out well but the food leaves much to be desired. We ate there with another couple and all found the food to be oversalted and dry. We heard similar complaints from others who had dined there. The beach tables were repainted as part of the renovation project and the paint peels off the tables and sticks to your arms and clothing. We complained to the waitress and she said everyone's been complaining about it and suggested we talk to the Phoenix general manager which I did. He acknowledged the problem and said "We've got to do something about that." Nothing was done over the following week. We used to eat at the Sunset several time during our stay and this year we discouraged others from going there after our experience ... very disappointing. The new Pure Ocean has the potential to be a great restaurant but management needs to step up. As owners we deserve better!
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