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Smile Re: Beyond Paradise:winner takes it all!


Not everything in life is based upon deception.
Why think negative before even starting. The world is bad enough!
Please keep in mind that US rules and regulations do not apply everywhere in the world.

For instance:
Many give to church but never even see or hear the world it goes to change into a better place still millions are tranferred daily without getting anything back.
If you've been to Aruba often you should know that raffles are held for almost anything on the Island without you knowing wha it's for.
I for one was the winner of a 4X4 a while ago. It doesn't matter to me what they did with the money. I won a car for just $25.

If I win this raffle I'll invite you to fly over to enjoy the fun too!!
No strings attached just to show you there is still good in this world.

Enjoy life to the fullest!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!

Have a great summer.... because .....
we surely will

Originally Posted by andrea j.
what are you raising funds for? charity?

me thinks that this may be an inappropriate/illegal/unauthorized raffle.
please tell us the "good cause"

monitor? webmaster? whaddya think?
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