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Default Re: Beyond Paradise:winner takes it all!


although the webmaster and i have reservations about this lottery, we have let it stand assuming that before anyone sends money to this individual they will check it out carefully. the problem that i find with this is not that i am a skeptic but that there is no proof that this lottery will really take place. any lottery or raffle i have ever been involved with has had a specific location where anyone can view the drawing if they wish.

i certainly can't blame andrea for having doubts. the originator of this thread, being from another country can not be held liable in the usa if he is perpetrating fraud. however, looking at it from the other side of the coin, being from another country, he may, as arubans are, be used to holding lotteries for many things.

just remember if you send this person money that it could easily be lost for other reasons than that your number wasn't picked and the 'good cause' may be filling an empty wallet.
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