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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Originally Posted by ruba4ever View Post

We booked with Southwest too!!! So nice to have them flying out of Pittsburgh now. Nice to have another free Our flights have gone up already since we booked them. Glad we got in right as they came available for September.

We are doing our trip to Italy that I told you about before. That is coming up real soon. Can't wait. It will be a totally different experience than Aruba. We won't be laying by the pool or on the beach relaxing. We will be doing a lot of running and sight seeing. But I am so looking forward to seeing that part of the world. I will need a vacation from our I will truly appreciate the slow moving of Aruba when we get there in the fall. And we managed to get a full 17 days too!!! I am a lucky lady for sure.

Keep on counting....I am...
Hi Alnora!

Our flights have gone up also, we got them on the first day they were available and we are the first international flight for SW so it should be interesting. We would love to try Italy, but for now we will stick to Aruba!

Have a great time and keep us updated.
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