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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Originally Posted by Elaine S View Post
Alnora... when's the Italy trip???

Apparently SW does fly out of Philly, but no non stops, and it's like an all day affair.

I fly US Air direct, and although the flight wasn't as cheap as years past, it wasn't as out of sight as Jet Blue seems to be.

Don... this past winter did it for me as for 5 weeks. The older I get, the more I hate the cold and snow.

As soon as I got home, I told my boss that next week I'm adding a year, and he was fine for now. Of course I also told him that I'm retiring in 2016, too!! lol 2016 will be 25 years at the same job so I thought that was a good time!
SW is an all day adventure for us but so are US Air, United and Delta as we must go through Charlotte, Dulles or Atlanta

The winter this year really made us miserable, like everyone else, and I hope to never experience another one like this for another decade.

Ahh, retirement, what a joy it would bring but I don't think Val could handle being home every day with me! 25 years is a real achievement and congrats in advance. In 2016, Taylor will only be a junior, so after graduation I have at least another 4 years to work!
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