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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Elaine......Italy is in 21 days!!! EEEEKKKKK. Trying not to freak out yet. Rome, Florence on a tour....and we added Venice. Our flight home was Venice to Paris then on to home. Well, we added an overnight in Paris..(because we will probably never pass that way again). As it turns out our friends (that we made in Aruba) will be in Paris then. We will be spending our day and evening with them. We already have dinner reservations for the Eiffel Tower. I am super excited. We will also be riding one of those super fast trains from Florence to Venice. Another new experience for us. Just packing for this is a bit of a challenge. Not like packing for a beach vaca. Because it is considered "shoulder season" now...which means could be warm / colder/ sunny/ also means you need to pack accordingly. Plus you have to pack for churches and places like that. Have to be covered for churches. Oh well, I will git er done I'm sure. I already have stuff hanging and gathered. Just really want to keep the bags as light as possible....(yeah right) because we will be slepping them some of the time. Oh I will keep you probably won't be able to shut me up!!! LOL
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