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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Hi all,

Donnie...the trip to Italy was everything I imagined and more. I will post a few pics here (as I took over 800 of them). It was really a tiring trip in comparison to Aruba. A tour keeps you hopping for sure. We were 7 days on the tour and then 3 days in Venice on our own and then on to Paris for a night. I must tell you I was very tired. I am still having a heck of a time getting back to a normal sleep pattern. The 6 hour time difference (they are ahead of us...and I thought that would be better than behind us) has wreaked havoc. I think because of this I have contracted a cold...just because I went back to work the very next day and worked hard all week and with the sleep being messed up...I just ran out of steam. But it was a once in a lifetime trip. My hubby and I decided that if we were to go to Italy again...we would go to Venice. It just captured our hearts....much like Aruba does, only for different reasons. The old world charm of Venice just makes you feel lost in the history. Calm and peaceful, and to see the buildings and the canals just amazed us.

Thank you for the Mothers' Day wishes Donnie.....your countdown is so sleep would be messed up with anticipation. LOL.

Now I can see my countdown....
Only happy people allowed!

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