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Default Re: The Countdown's Begun

Hi all,

Just checking in on this Sunday evening to see how everybody is? And check my ticker...heheheeheee.

I can't believe summer is almost over....even though it really never seems like summer to me anyway. The weather gets warm...the sun shines a little bit more (although not much more this summer) it stays lighter longer...but unless you have kids in school, the seasons just run one into the other. Us working stiffs continue to work summer, winter, spring or fall.

The only thing that is keeping me going right now.....Aruba. My thoughts are completely centered on that beautiful little island and all she has to offer. And I guess that is the reason I know summer is ending. I wait for our annual trip to paradise even though I know that the warm weather here will soon be gone and the white wintry weather will not be far behind. And as far as the Farmer's Almanac is concerned...I guess we are in for a pretty bad one again. So, my trip will be even sweeter.

Hope everyone is doing well.....and as the summer winds down wherever you are....enjoy what's left of it.

Always in my fond memories...
Only happy people allowed!

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