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Default Avoiding scammers and fradulent listings

Last week we received complaints about the user: patsyservais698_vtrentals who has been banned from the forums for placing listings on it for apparently fraudulent purposes.

We would like to thank users pat ostrom, bt0510 and Sash69 who alerted us to this particular scammer.

It is essential that anyone who considers a timeshare rental MUST check that the person offering the rental who claims to have a unit available for rent at a particular resort, actually owns that unit, and that the unit/membership is in good standing with the resort in terms of maintenance fee payments etc. This can easily be done by contacting the member services department of the specific resort where the rental is being offered. Although this is common sense, sometimes it is overlooked, but it is an essential check that can prevent these types of scams. NEVER rent from or send money to a person before doing this verification step with the resort.
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