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Default Re: The anchor at the entrance to Seroe Colorado

Very good information on the anchor, let me add to the story. I just returned from Aruba last week and had gone fishing with Peter Creutzberg of Peters Divers whom I worked for under a subordinate company in the 1970's called Subsea Safaris. The other owner of Peter's Divers at that time was Jimmy DeLaFuente in Curacao who has now passed away and his brother-in-law Antonio "Toon" Segers was my boss at Subsea Safaris. I started work for Subsea Safaris on July 10, 1977. I would say it was shortly after that, Toon got a call from Peter's Divers to assist with the anchor recovery. They were using scuba and it was deep. When Toon came back to the dive shop he was worried about the bends and asked me to check dive tables, which was really too late to matter.
Toon told be when he went down he actually was lucky and came across a pile of chain on top of the anchor. He tied a string to the chain and sent up a marker.
In February 2013 I returned to the Aruba and met with Toon who was in the final stages of lung cancer. I did not know of the anchor and he took me to see it and was very proud of it being made a monument. Charlie Broun was a friend of both Toon and I. I taught Charlie Broun's son Charlito (Charlie III) to scuba dive. In fact I visited with Charlito on my visit last week. So I have had two close friends who have passed that were linked to the anchor saga. I'm very sure because of my dive log that the recovery of the anchor started after July 10, 1977. This last week I made my 1,000th scuba dive. I have made 850 of them in Aruba.
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