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Default Re: Let's do a countdown

We booked our trip Friday for the late summer. We like to go in
late July. Most people have completed thier vacations and things
aren't quite so hectic. As always,we booked through Amy at MCM
tours. She's always a great help. This will be our 5th trip to Aruba.
One thing I noticed, not a good thing though, the return flight on
USAIR which used to depart about ~2:30 in the afternoon has been
changed to ~12:30. We loose a couple of hours of last minute time
on Sat. We will give us a longer layover in Charlotte for dinner
before we board a plane for Kansas City. Sooooooooooooo
we are 144 days and counting.

ps, one thing I noticed this year fom the midwest, the vacation deals
are not super fantastic..................
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